One of our sons just tore out his entire basement as the first step in a Do It Yourself (DIY) remodel.  The thing looks great!  Think what it will look like when he finishes!

It amazes me, but all of our children are artistic or handy – or both.

“Car trouble?  Ha!  Jack that sucker up and let me crawl under.”

Ever try to do a serious repair on your car?

Decades ago, I changed spark plugs and maybe an air filter or two, but now I even call for help with a flat tire!

For a few weeks, now, my car seemed to have a “bump” in one tire.  Or maybe it was out of alignment.

Since I am thousands of miles away from our sons, in to the garage.

LowerControlArmI needed an “RLB Left Control Arm” for my 2006 Chevy Cobalt.

“Road test vehicle.  Inspect all suspension and steering parts for wear.  Inspect tire pressure and condition.  Inspect riding height.  Hook up Hunter Alignment Machine.  Take initial readings.  Inspect alignment of all four wheels.  Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed on all four wheels.  Center steering wheel.  Print out final readings.  Road test.”

And oh yeah, “Replace RLB Left Control Arm.”

It seems the bushing was worn out.  Whatever.

Part – $209.33
Labor – $159.95
Total – $407.40




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