Today, I entered a new realm.

earI needed to have a lump cut off my right ear.  Sort of like this photo, except my was high up, and a tad larger.  About the size of a pencil eraser.  Probably my third basal cell carcinoma.

An expert doctor who had cut some cancer out of my jaw was available, and I was excited to visit his office.

His name is Dr. Bradley K. Summers.

He “shaved” off the offending lump to be sent to biopsy, then he cauterized the wound.

How do I describe the stink of burning flesh.  Rancid?  Acrid?

I imagine he used something like a soldering iron – I didn’t see it.

I had never had this happen before, so it was sort of interesting, but I think I would have soon tired of it.

No stitches, just a band-aid and instructions not to overdo my exercise today.

No pain.

Of course I was too restless to sit still, so I still went to the gym  At least I tuned my treadmill down from three miles an hour to two-and-one-half.

Naturally, the ear bled by the time I got home.  I have to figure out how to sleep on the thing without messing up my pillow.

I’ll get the biopsy report in a couple of days.



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