My apartment complex CREATES dust as efficiently as bees make honey.  It is a fine, grey mist that swallows my apartment like the fog in a horror movie.  It is disgusting.

dustA couple of days ago, it was time to attack the floors with my Bissell Powerforce Helix vacuum cleaner.  Before holding my breath and diving in to the mist, I took the machine apart to clean it.

It was filthy.

The guts are washable, including a couple of filters.  Rather than take the time to wash them, I decided to just shake the dust out into my bathtub.  I was expecting company the next day, and didn’t have time to let the filters dry out.


After smacking the filters against the side of the tub, the dust rose up into my nose.  It left a HORRIBLE mess in my tub.

“It’s okay,” I convinced myself.  “I’ll just shower it all down the drain.”

Not so fast.

Of course the water escaped the tub and flooded my floor.

The tub was so filthy, I had to scrub it with a scoring pad and lost of cleaner.

You see, not only is the apartment a victim of the grey mist, so to is the vacuum a victim of lousy construction.  Impossible to clean easily.  I’ve looked in Sears and Walmart for a better machine, but they all see to have the same disease – bagless.  Bah.  Humbug.

Meanwhile, I remember what my mother used to say –

“Lazy folks take the most pains.”




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