This afternoon, I bought two cases of the Walmart equivalent of Slim-Fast.

As I was putting them away, I thought, “Gee, if anything happens, I have enough meals here to last a month!”

That wasn’t my intention, but it isn’t a bad idea.

Utah is full of “preppers,” –  those who store extra food and supplies for emergencies.

Lately, however, the stores have been jammed.

Here is some local news coverage about why the stores are so crowded.

Food storage companies point to Ebola for surge in businessSTANDARD EXAMINER 18 OCT 14, page one.

food-storage-JPGThose who work for Utah food storage companies have not had to read any news reports to know that people around the world are scared about the Ebola virus outbreak.

They say demand for their products has at least quadrupled in the last month as hysteria has spread. Consumers are stocking up on food and other emergency supplies due to the concerns, they said.

“This has truly been a crazy week for us,” said Galen Bywater, purchasing manager for Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center in Heber City. “Our orders are up over 400 percent compared to last month. The lead times from my suppliers are increasing substantially as the demand spikes.”

And KC Dickinson, chief executive officer of Insight Food Storage in Draper, said demand for some of his newer, unadvertised products is up 2,000 percent over the last few weeks.




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