IkeTriviaIt is fun to read trivia books.  This one has a different format than some books – it asks a question, gives you three choices, and then gives the answer on the next page.  The answers are more than a simple sentence, with added tidbits about the president and/or his family.  Each answer page includes a relevant picture.

At the front of the book, all presidents are listed, along with the dates he was in office.  I wish Ragno had put dates into her answer pages.  My memory just doesn’t carry me from the opening pages.

Some of the presidents served in the Civil War, but Ragno doesn’t let us know for most of them if they were Yanks or Rebs.

Ragno does not include a bibliography or footnotes, which are essential for some of us trivia buffs.  We just have to take her word for the “facts.”  One “fact” she got wrong is her reference to the “friends” of Dwight Eisenhower calling him “Ike.”  Heck, as a boy, I wore a huge campaign button proclaiming “I like Ike.”  The nation called him Ike, not just his friends.  Sounds picky?  Maybe, but without references for her answers, I wonder what other “facts” are a little off.

With that being said, this is a fun book.




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