EbolaThe spread of Ebola in Western Africa has a direct effect on our family.  One of our sons has an interest in Ivory Coast.  By coincidence, he is trying to increase the availability of medicines.  He has invested a ton of his own money and time, but lately, his time has been severely cut because of the Ebola outbreak.

But is it true Ebola?

At least one researcher wonders why we aren’t seeing more severe signs of hemorrhagic fever, which drains the blood out of the body.  Here is how Steve Quayle explained it to George Noory last night (Wed. 8 Oct 14) on COAST TO COAST AM.

 “I don’t believe that the Ebola virus is the full scale hemorrhagic fever,” he remarked, citing that the photos and reports have not shown the excessive bleeding associated with the affliction. Rather, he thinks we’re seeing “a bio weapon that has been released primarily in Africa that is a derivation…of Ebola”– a kind of “Ebola light.”

“Every single protocol has been violated from the start…not blocking flights coming in from Africa, not wearing the right protective clothing, [and] being dishonest about the aerosolization versus airborne transmission,” he asserted. ISIS has talked about intentionally infecting individuals and bringing them into the US, Quayle warned, adding that there’s a plan afoot to literally overwhelm America’s medical system.

Genuine concern or just another conspiracy theory?

Scary either way.




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