RoarRepairIt matters not where you live, I am betting you have seen road crews working on “repairs” that are totally unnecessary.

Take the example in this picture – the slots were cut at precise intervals and to the exact same depth.  Each block of cuts was made equidistant from its neighbor.  FOR MILES AND MILES!

Identical scars – identical globs of new concrete to pour inside identical holes.

An absolute waste of money.  It accomplishes nothing.  (Except ding up cars so garages and body shops have more repairs.)

Exactly 30 years ago – almost to the day – I was driving down a similar highway in a different state.  Same pattern same road congestion.  That time, it was on an Interstate, so the crew had flag people out to slow us down.  Many of the flag bearers were ladies.

At that time, I came up with a calming theory.  All these workers may be paid with tax dollars, BUT, they are getting PAID.  Money for shoes, food, shelter, clothing, and transportation.  Who am I to deny these crews there living!

Still, these new holes bug the crap out of me.




2 thoughts on “Your wasted(?) tax dollars

  1. So it may seem like a waste of time and money to you, but these repairs are need and add 10 to 15 years onto the life of the road. Maybe more. Each of these holes are adding or replacing the smooth dowels that keep the road from buckling in hot weather and cold extremes. From the traveling public’s perspective the surface of the road determines if a road fails or not.

    However resurfacing the top of a pavement is one of the least expensive and fastest maintenance projects that exists. IF and only if the underlying pavement is relatively sound, even if a road surface appears bumpy and torn up. if the underlying structure is sound then regular maintenance and resurfacing is quick and easy.

    These dowels do little for the surface but add to the overall support of the pavement on a structural level.

    Most people feel that we should just pave a road with either asphalt or concrete and then just leave it. But each time you pave a full dept road of this magnitude it costs millions of dollars, and with the rising cost of materials is growing in expense.

    What they are doing now is like repairing a leak in your roof. of you get on it fast it may cost you a few hundred dollars and you would feel the pinch out of your monthly budget. But if you do nothing and let it sit then the 10k it will cost to replace the whole roof not to mention any damage that is done inside your home will be much worse.

    SO I definitely understand the reason why you would feel that they are wasting tax dollars, but I would disagree that there is a waste. I do know that there are waste projects out there, but they are fewer than you would imagine.

    And I do agree that all of this is great for providing jobs in a time that they are very heavily needed.


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