MamaCassMy all-time favorite video clip from any movie, is Janis Joplin singing BALL AND CHAIN at Monterey Pop in June of 1967. Her singing style blew me out of the water. Even Mama Cass was impressed as she watched the performance on stage – losing track of her popcorn. Can you say “Priceless!”

The TV station I was working at in about 1974 rotated movies at night, and Monterey Pop caught my eye the first time I saw it. If for no other reason, I made a copy of the film primarily so I could see Janis again (and Jimi, and the Who).

Kind of a dumb thing to so, since the station used expensive 3/4” VHS tape Sony machines. Where was a street bloke like me going to get one of those. But record it I did. And I have carried the tapes with me – unwatched – all these years.

Many, many years later, I was able to get a couple of DVDs with ALL of her video recordings – but I (stupidly) let them out of my hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me those DVDs were bootlegs.

Today, I have a legitimate copy of Monterey Pop – my second – so I can see at least one Janis song whenever I please.

You might say I have a crush on the woman.

I tell you that story so I can tell you this one.

JanisBackA couple of days ago as I mailed a letter, I asked the clerk for some Jimi Hendrix commemorative stamps. All out, “But we do have some Janis Joplin,” the postal clerk told me.

Now get this, they are “Janis Joplin FOREVER stamps.”!!!! Janis Forever – I like the sound of that very much,

As the clerk handed me the two sheets I asked for, I was speechless. I had sucked in my breath, so I was not breathing either.

“These are the most beautiful . . . .” I stammered. My brain froze, and the clerk had to bring me down to earth just a little so she said, “Yes, Janis was one of my favorites too.” Or something like that. I would make a terrible witness at a crime,

JanisFrontI came to my senses long enough to realize a line had formed, so I hurriedly – but carefully – gathered up my treasures and headed for the door.

I bought two full sheets of 16 stamps. One side shows the stamps – how could ANYONE lift that artwork off its easel – and it looks just like a 45 rpm record jacket. The back is a gorgeous close-up

Am I ever going to USE these stamps? I wouldn’t count on it. I just might go back and buy several more sheets and hand them out for Christmas presents.

Janis Forever



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