For the last few years, I have been helping an 85-year-old widow.  A few weeks ago, she developed pain in her back, hip, and leg – arthritis.

“What is happening to me,” she keeps crying.  “I have never had anything wrong for all these years, why now?  Why me?”

These conversations with her caused me to remember how much pain some of our children have had through the years.  For example, our oldest used to walk for miles to ease his back pain.  He finally had an operation.  With six children, the list goes on.

Our second child put his motorcycle down in order to not hit a fellow biker who had crashed in front of him.  His neck was broken, and he lay alongside a country road for hours waiting for help.  Over the years, he has broken bones 16 times.

Here are his thoughts on pain.

PainIt’s always hard to judge one person’s pain against another’s.  I know that Rheumatoid arthritis is supposed to be really painful. It’s actually an auto-immune disease, like Chron’s disease (the disease that put my wife in the hospital a few weeks back for 5 days).  It’s caused by the body attacking itself.

For me, I’ve got constant pain in my neck (ba-dump-bump).  But I’ve had that since I was 12 years old (after diving head-first off the bleachers, which was diagnosed as two broken bones in the neck many years later).  So I’ve pretty much not known any other existence my whole life other than to be in varying degrees of constant pain.  Couple that with the multiple surgeries that I’ve had on both shoulders, and there’s not many moments of my life that aren’t in constant pain.  But it’s not like I sit on my butt either.  I go out running every day. Other than times that I couldn’t run (because I was recuperating from one injury or another), I’ve run every day of the last 20 years.  To get your butt out of bed and pound pavement every day… yeah, it hurts.

But I guess the moral of the story is that I don’t give a damn.  I have way too much that I want to accomplish with this life to be hung up by anything like pain (or sleep).  If you have something that you want, then it really doesn’t matter what you need to do to get it (pain. . . sleep deprivation. . . etc).  None of that matters to me because I know that I have one shot at this.. . . .  Why would I give a rat’s patootie if my neck hurts?




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