Neither one nor the other, engraved by J.P. Simon, 1806 (colour engraving)If some of you guys are looking for some fresh approaches to the fairer sex, try these –

1. Tell her that you think she’s hot.

– ‘Madam, as you are fair and beauteous, be generous and merciful to him that is your slave.’

– ‘Sweet lady, your virtues have so strangely taken up my thoughts, that therein they encrease and multiply in abundant felicity.’

‘I have a long time been broiling on the flames of ardent affection towards your dear self.’ 

2. If necessary, catch her off-guard by insulting her first.

‘I am as lantern-jaw’d as you are platter-fac’d; but yet perhaps we may have lovely babes when we come together, if we can but tell how to get them.’




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