SaltIt seems to be that salt is talked about in both the Old Testament and the Torah as being valuable.  The Islamic Prophet Muhammad said, “Salt is the master of your food. God sent down four blessings from the sky – fire, water, iron and salt.” (Wikipedia)

Jesus referred to his followers as the “salt of the earth.”

Wasn’t salt used as money in ancient history?

I know my (former) father and mother-in-law went into this HUGE salt mine in Venezuela some years ago (the salt was black).  He said a handful of salt used to be equal to a handful of gold.

Wikipedia chimes in, “Salt is essential for animal life, and saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. The tissues of animals contain larger quantities of salt than do plant tissues.”

“Some of the earliest evidence of salt processing dates back to around 6,000 years ago. . .  Salt was prized by the ancient Hebrews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Hittites and the Egyptians. Salt became an important article of trade.”

Well, you get my drift.

AT THE SAME TIME, both my heart doctor and my urologist have made salt a nasty word.  I can actually feel my heart struggle if I eat too much salt at one time.  FEEL IT!

My urologist says it makes kidney stones.

The other day, I ate too much salty food, and got sick.

So, lots of people have heart trouble.  Lots of people have kidney stones.  It doesn’t sound like salt is all that valuable to me!

It would be nice to pick and choose the words from Wkipedia that run, “In those with heart failure a very low sodium diet may be worse than a diet with slightly more salt.”

I know better.  For ME salt is poison.  Worhtless.

Go figure.




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