BeefStewTo clarify my position – I just went off my diabetes medication due to improved diet and weight loss.

On the other hand, I am taking new medications to help curb the chronic development of kidney stones.  I’ve had more than 28 of the spiny critters, and I’ve had four operations to take care of the largest stones.

My pacemaker battery quit – after ten years – five years ago.  I exercise a lot, so I wish I had never had it install in the first place.  But there it sits in my chest, reminding me I have a VERY weak heart.

Add it all up, and this dude really must watch his food intake.  No chocolate, hardly any meat, no salt, etc.

My neighbor across the hall was a professional cook for something like 20 years.  Sandy loves to cook for half-a-dozen residents of my apartment complex – including me.

A couple of days ago, she brought me a DEEP bowl of beef stew when I got back from the gym.   It was full of other goodies from my restricted diet.

ChocCakeShe topped it off with a LARGE slice of chocolate cake, with whipped cream icing, AND toffee chips!

I dug into the stew, cussing myself all the time for my weak resolve.  I just knew I could resist the cake.  Until I held it in my hand!

I figured a lick of the frosting wouldn’t hurt.  Maybe ONE spoonful of the cake.  Before I knew it, the cake was gone.


Two days later, another neighbor – Colleen – shows up with a plate of her version of home cooking – mashed potatoes, carrots and . . . . .  beef!  Other neighbors have been known to bring me gooey rolls.

They are killing me – with kindness.




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