In February of 2014, I signed up for a Walmart “Family Mobile” cell phone.

Texting is a foreign language to this 68-year-old grandfather.  There was also no way I wanted access to the Internet on that tiny instrument.

Texting came with the deal, but NOT web access.  Fine.

As advertised, that comes to $24.88 per month.  Plus taxes.


As my  bills came in, they looked wrong ever month.  Why on earth was my bill $35.95 per month?

My account is handled online, and I couldn’t figure out how to balance what I had signed up for with what I was actually being charged.

The last few days, I have really made an effort to straighten it out.  My account online was no help at all.

Dialling 611 only connected me to a robot.  I kept punching “O” but could never reach a live person.

Today, I went to the Walmart where I bought the phone, and the clerk punched “O” four times – voila, a REAL person!

Now get this, the guy on the end of the phone told me MY RATE HAD BEEN RAISED – WITHOUT ANY NOTICE TO ME!

The guy on the end of the phone changed my plan BACK to what I had signed up for – $24.88. I wonder how long that rate will stay..

No, he would not give me a penny credit for the four months of over charges.

My bad for not paying attention.  😦




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