chaosA large solar flare or a well-directed bomb in the atmosphere will result in total chaos.

The United States electrical system is all tied together, so that if one large area goes down, it takes the others with it, like falling dominoes.  That zaps the U.S. but it could have even wider implications if the blast was more wide-spread.

If the US has no electricity, dams won’t work to supply water.  Gas pumps will shut off, as will ATMs.  Food will spoil.  Food will not get processed.  The cascade effect will be a disaster out of the worst SC-FI movie.

Here is how they talked about it last night on COAST TO COAST AM

Professor of History William Forstchen shared updates on the dangers of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event and what we can do to prepare. Whether through a terrorist attack or damaging solar flare, an EMP could knock out the electric grid for years because legislation has still not been passed to protect and fortify the grid. According to the study conducted by former Congressional Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, if the grid goes down, the casualty rate would be shockingly high– some 90% of all Americans would be dead, after one year without power.

George Noory announced that in the coming months, he will make it a priority to work with Forstchen on fighting for the passage of legislation to protect the grid. As an alternative to federal action, Forstchen said “we can also move from the bottom up. Bills are now going forward in a half-a-dozen states…I see that as a powerful movement,” adding that Maine has become the first in the nation to protect its grid against EMP and geomagnetic disturbance. The country of Israel, because they are on the front line, has already developed grid protections, he added. Forstchen estimated the cost of grid protection in the US as running several dollars per person, per year– an amount he considers well worth spending to ensure the safety and way-of-life of the populace.




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