EvictionOne hour ago, a lone deputy arrived at a neighbor’s apartment to evict the tenant.

This was kinda weird, because I once lived in that same apartment – for about a week or so.

Anyway, the guy being evicted is obviously mentally disturbed, and the property owner has tried to get rid of him for a couple of months.

I guess he didn’t pay his rent for a time, but the biggest complaint is his state of health. Rumor has it he is smitten with all kinds of diseases.

At one point, I tried to help the guy move to his room. The spokes on his wheelchair are gone, so the chair won’t move no-how. He told me if I tilted back on the frame, I could drag him and the frame. No dice. I am just not that strong any more.

The neighbors – and the apartment manager – told me to sterilize myself where I had touched him.

His apartment is even more filthy than his person. The man has a habit of using the floor for his bathroom. And then sleeping on the floor. He also has the habit of causing kitchen fires.

He has been removed by ambulance a few times, but always manages to find his way back. No medical facility – or maybe even jail – wants him.


His immediate neighbors are terrified – over fires, and over his constant verbal abuse. The favorite target for his epithets is the tiny old lady across the hall from him

You get the picture.

So, this lone deputy shows up, and the stench alone probably knocks him back a foot or two. He wouldn’t enter the apartment. I’m sure he looked over his paperwork several times trying to find the clause that covered a situation like this. Perhaps he even called headquarters for ideas. “Maybe the deputy needs a Smart Phone,” a neighbor joked as a crowd gathered to watch.

The deputy must have reached somebody, as a couple of ambulances pulled up, along with a police car. A fire engine visited for a few minutes.

The property manager told me that once he is out, Haz-Mat will clean out his apartment. The owner is even thinking of remodeling the apartment. The same apartment I used to live in before I was told it was going to be totally gutted in order to make it into a handicap unit.

One hour. The guy is gone in the ambulance. The crowd is dispersing. The lock is being changed.

I wonder who will take him.




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