As part of the preparation for my lithotripsy tomorrow (June 18), I had a couple of x-rays taken yesterday.

The x-rays are to make sure of the location of the kidney stone – so the doctor knows where to aim.

As always, I got a copy of the x-ray on CD for my own use.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to plug the disk into my computer until about 10 PM last night.

I could NOT find the stone!16June2014xrayZero

Way early this morning, I arrived at the office of my urologist before the staff made it.  I left a note asking my doctor to look at the x-ray.  If he couldn’t see the stone either, I suggested we had two choices:  get a CT-scan, OR cancel the lithotripsy.

I was sent home with a promise the doctor would call.  That was at 8 AM.

By 11:30 AM, I gave up and called the urologist’s office.  Sure enough, no one had seen my note.  I waited on the line until I got an answer.  I was SHAKING.

“The doctor can see the stone,” I was told.

I looked harder on my copy.

Sure enough, there it is – my circle.

(The wires on the top right are my pacemaker leads.)

Lithotripsy on.




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