From the June 17, 2014 COAST TO COAST AM Newsletter

MSG & Health Problems:

KatherineReidIn the first half of Monday’s show, biochemist specializing in protein chemistry, Dr. Katherine Reid, discussed the health problems associated with food additives such as MSG, which she believed triggered her daughter’s autism. Dietary changes completely removed the autism symptoms, and have been helpful in alleviating other problems particularly in developing children, she reported. Proteins high in glutamic acid end up functioning like MSG, and cause various health symptoms, similar to MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), she continued. MSG binds to taste receptors on the tongue, and makes people think the food tastes better, Reid explained.

A number of companies claim their products don’t contain MSG when they actually do– ingredients such as “hydrolyzed protein” or “natural flavors” are often covers for MSG, she noted. Getting away from additives, processed foods, and most restaurant food, she advocated a diet of whole foods made with organic ingredients (which won’t have GMOs), and natural herbs and spices. She did caution that people might experience withdrawal systems in the short term if they suddenly switch away from a diet high in processed foods.




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