CrossFit3While living in Tennessee, our son-in-law thought seriously about buying a CrossFit franchise.

Personally, I just don’t get it.  To me, CrossFit is just a warehouse with a minimum amount of hardware, yet it charges high membership fees.  In some places that runs $90  to $130 per month – or more!

Some of the equipment is what you would find in your own back yard – like a big old tire and a log!

I guess the high fees are for personal attention.

Me, I find more than enough equipment for only $10 per month at Planet Fitness. I can walk, run, lift, grunt, stretch, bend, and ache with the best of them.  If I need training suggestions, I just have to ask.

Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym each have one location in my town.  CrossFit has 20 within driving distance.  The state I live in right now has the  third most CrossFit locations  than any other state.

Our oldest son has joined an outfit that seems to be more in the CrossFit mold.   He can choose from 8 LifeTime fitness clubs – some within walking distance.  He pays more than $100, but has a personal trainer with him all the way.  And a spa.  And, chiropractic care for an extra fee. As the old saying goes, “If you have to ask (the price) you can’t afford it.”

Me?  I’ll settle for PF.



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