Did you see that exciting NHL championship game last night on TV! The LA Kings shut out the NY Rangers 3-0! Did you see it? I didn’t either. It wasn’t on TV.

Once upon a time, Larry Miller bought the New Orleans Jazz basketball team. He then bought a building for them in Utah. He bought a TV station he called KJZZ (“K-Jazz”) to broadcast their games. (I think he also bought a radio station with the same call letters – KJZZ.)

The Utah Jazz had some pretty good players, and even went against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls for the NBA championship – twice!

NoSportsTVThen, some gremlins entered the KJZZ Camp and talked the Miller Family into one of the worst deals ever – for the fans. The games dropped out of the KJZZ TV line-up and ended up in the never-world of cable/dish broadcasting. No dish or cable? No Utah Jazz games for you, buster!

The same fate befell Danica Patrick and the rest of NASCAR this year. After half a season on our regular FOX affiliate, the rest of the NASCAR season falls into the alphabet soup of one million other cable/dish networks. No dish or cable? No Danica.

Same with Major League Baseball, except for some rare weekend appearances on Network TV.

Same with Golf.

The way I see it, the only logical explanation is this – the cable/dish networks are in cahoots with broadcast TV. Major sporting events drop down into that alphabet soup of cable and dish so we have to buy cable or dish systems to see our games! One hand washes the other!

Just like old-time miners used to “salt” a mine with a few sprinkles of gold to sucker a new buyer, the regular broadcast networks and the cable/dish outfits “salt” a few games on regular TV, then move the rest of the games into the PAY TV jungle.

I hate it.




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