My sincere thanks to all who sent best wishes or concentrated energy to me yesterday.

Thursday (5th) was supposed to be the day I had my third lithotripsy procedure to smash a 10mm kidney stone.

FailedRocketInstead, we had a failure to launch, ignite, or even spark.

ONE HOUR before we were to get under way, I was told to stay home.  It seems the anesthesiologist didn’t like my Congestive Heart Failure, nor did he like me “self medicating.”  (Every bottle in my medicine cabinet is by prescription – all 20 of ’em.)

It didn’t matter that I had warned my urologist AND the clinic about my heart problems weeks ahead of time.

When I heard we had an abort, I was beside myself.  It is hard to describe the anguish.  Maybe I was even in shock.

All my preparations blew up in a whiff of smoke:
1.  I had already paid the urologist his co-pay in advance.
2.  I had gone shopping, washed clothes, cleaned house, gotten my paperwork ready, and changed the sheets.
3.  I had not eaten for14 hours.
4.  I had cut back on 90 percent of my pills for the last week.
5.  I had three operations in another town without incident in 2011-12.
6.  I had an abdominal hernia operated on in the exact same building in 2009.
7.  My sincere thanks to my ex for driving the 90 miles round-trip to drive me to and from the operation.  She was half way here when I got the call, so we went ahead and had lunch together.  She really calmed me down.  It was an absolute blessing she came.  I can’t even contemplate how I would have gotten through this without her.

Now, I have to see a cardiologist before we can go any further.

Two odd things:
1.  Some weeks ago, my urologist told me to just “head to the E.R.” when I needed an operation.  I should have listened.
2.  My daughter and I have a psychic bond.  While I was in my mental anguish, she was in physical pain with her own problems.  We live 1500 miles apart.

Puts things in perspective.




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