HarryHoudiniBefore Harry Houdini died, he told his wife that if he could communicate after death, he would get in touch with her.  Bess held yearly séances on Halloween for ten years after Houdini’s death.  In 1936, after a last unsuccessful séance on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel, she put out the candle that she had kept burning beside a photograph of Houdini since his death.

After her death, I tried constantly to get in touch with my mother.  I never tried a candle or a séance, I simply talked to her as if she were in the same room.  All I ever wanted was for her to visit long enough to say, “It’s all right, – – – – – .”  After MANY years of receiving no reply, I switched my conversation to other deceased relatives and friends.  Nothing.

When I gave a talk in London one year, some people in the audience told me afterwards they could see a glow behind me as I spoke.  They figured it was my mother.  I felt nothing.

After my mother died, it took me two years to gather the material for my book DEATH: THEN WHAT?  It is a compilation of  responses to that simple question, “What happens to us after we die?”  Answers came in from all over the world.  The basic consensus was that we all belong to a great spiritual oneness, and we return to that mass-energy upon death.  Unsatisfactory answer for me.

My last chapter for that book was my dream of being able to channel so completely into the lives of all my heroes that I could sense everything they experienced.  My presence was unobtrusive, and I would leave during their private moments.  This way, I could stay as long as I wished inside the lives of Leonardo, Howard Carter – the Englishman who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb – Jimi Hendrix, and Janice Joplin.  Even though he is still alive, I also “visited” Paul McCartney.

DavidYoungI finished that book in 1994.  Last night (June 2) on Coast to Coast AM, musician David Young reported that George Harrison’s spirit began appearing in his life, much the way I described, in reverse.  “At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though Young was unfamiliar with channeling, and not interested in ghosts. Harrison’s spirit actually played songs for him, Young said, which he transposed and eventually recorded. At one point ‘George came into my meditation, he reached out his hand to me…electricity went into my hand…up into my heart center, filled my whole body, and I woke up two hours later,’ he recounted.”

My visits to famous people were fiction.

My visits with deceased loved ones were failures.

I’m still willing to try one more time.  I have an operation coming up Thursday (June 5), and if I flat-line for even a second, I’m going to make a Bee-line to our daughter, just long enough to say, “It’s all right, – – – – – – .”  She and I communicate most often amongst our family and we quite often think alike.  We joke that we are psychic with each other.  One of our sons told our family “Grandma just died,” when my mother died in 1993.  Maybe he will be sensitive to my vibrations.  I’ll stop by any family member who wants a visit! 🙂

This is where the Coast to Coast AM audience enters the play.  From time to time over the years, Coast host George Noory asked his audience to focus their attention on different problems.  Maybe it was a troublesome storm that was brewing off a coastline.  Maybe it was someone with a particular illness.  The hope was that this combined consciousness can bring positive change.

Noory has backed off that consciousness experiment lately, worried that if the audience focus actually worked on a hurricane – let’s say – maybe that storm would end up hitting somewhere else with even ButterflyBigmore devastating results.  Unintended consequences to the max.

Still, it might be fun to give this group mind focus a gentle try.  What if my readers from around the world (U.K., Russian Federation, Germany, Trinidad, 29 counties in total) all stopped for just a few minutes June 5 (at 10 PM in London) to concentrate on my operation and recovery.  I’m not asking for a miracle or personal attention – it just seems like a great opportunity for world consciousness.  🙂

If I flat line or live, you might feel SOMETHING either way.  After all, if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a wind in another part of the world.  I don’t want to cause a storm, just a light touch on your cheek – a “butterfly kiss.”

Either way, report your results to this blog and to George Noory at Coast to Coast.


* * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  ** *** ***** *** *****



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