Television and I grew up together.  My mother bought one of the first “big screen” televisions – a whopping 21 inch RCA!  Her favorites were Gunsmoke and Alfred Hitchcock.

Soap operas on TV grew in popularity during those days.  Must have been a dozen or more of those long-running dramas born in the 50s.

I often heard people say something to the effect, “Don’t worry if you miss your daily soap opera.  Come back next week and you can pick up right where you left off.”  I guess the shows would clarify key plot threads repeatedly.

SeanHannityUnfortunately, Sean Hannity is also stuck in a rut.  Listen to his radio talk show one week, and you can come back a month later for a re-broadcast.  Once he has made a point, he just keeps hammering away on the same nail over and over and over and over and over and over and over…. . .

He also has a very bad habit of talking over the top of his guests, especially those who have a different viewpoint.

It has gotten to the point where I can only listen to his radio show roughly once every week or so.

That is unfortunate, because I really like Sean Hannity.  I like what he stands for.  I like his politics.  I love his “Put People Back to Work” segments.

He is a good guy.

I think Fox Television News must share at least part of my concern.  It has bumped his television show down one hour to 10 PM EST.

Can his radio slot be far behind?

Let’s say his radio and/or TV show get dumped.  Who will take his place?

Maybe that is why he remains on the air – he has no qualified Conservative replacement?

Stay tuned.




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