grocery_cartRemember the good old days when the bagger at the grocery store would offer, “Paper or plastic” bags to cart home our goodies?

Not any more.

Walmart wouldn’t know a paper bag if it reared back and bit Sam Walton on the hand.  So we don’t have a choice there.

My recycled cloth bags don’t work – they are full of germs.

On the plus side of my story is a new grocery chain in my neck of the woods that DOES offer a choice.  WINCO is a consumer-owned  chain with no frills, so we bag our own groceries.  We can use paper or plastic.

I’ve preferred paper for many years, so WINCO and I get along just fine.

Until I reach home.  You see, the lease for my senior apartment declares I must use plastic bags for my garbage.

That frustrates the heck out of me, but I can see the point when I go to the dumpster – open paper bags spill their guts into the public bin, and it is an unholy mess.

Solution?  Staple the tops of my paper garbage bags.  IF the rules allowed for such a thing!

deadbirdWell, it seems like the ecology is in even worse shape.  Take this example from the latest COAST TO COAST AM newsletter (May 30).  “Parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are now filled with plastic trash and so are the fresh water Great Lakes, Linda Moulton Howe detailed. Researcher Marcus Ericksen described how bird carcasses are being found with plastic trash fragments inside them. A research team over the past couple of years has traveled the Great Lakes to collect data on the prevalence of plastics and found an average of 17,000 bits of tiny plastic beads per square kilometer in Lake Michigan. They are about the same size as fish eggs, and to any organism that lives in the water, they are food, Prof. of Chemistry Sherri Mason explained. The plastic microbeads are used to manufacture thousands of products such as toothpaste and facial scrubs. And those tiny plastic spheres are making their way into the food web as fish eat microbeads that soak up toxins like a sponge and pass into humans and wildlife.”





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