Here is an unintended consequence of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

In the years BC (Before Care act), I used to write down one or two complaints every time I went to see my primary care physician.  No sense coming back a few days later to ask about a secondary concern, if I could talk to him without all the fuss.

Now, the office where my doctor works has a stack of letters on the admission counter.  They are addressed “To our valued patients,” from the 10 doctors working in my clinic.

paperwork“National healthcare reform has created additional regulations and pressures for family physicians.  Many of thes regulations have come on the form of increased documentation, complex coding updates, and compulsory electronic medical record changes. This has mandated adjustments to our usual workflow and has greatly increased the amount of time required to document each medical problem that is addressed in each visit.  In order to be compliant with these new regulations and contionue to provide excellent services, we need to ask for your assistance.

“At your clinic appointment, we believe adaptation to these new regulatory changes will best be achieved by focusing on the one problem of highest priority and greatest concern to you.  We certainly want to address and take care of all your medical concerns, but this may require more than one appointment for complex and medical problems.

“We . . .  ask for your understanding if we need to schedule additional visits to help us adapt to the new healthcare reform regulations.”

See you next time.




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