No matter what time of day I visit Planet Fitness, it seems the number of people free-lifting weights and people using machines is about equal.

I usually go about 4 PM, and I see maybe a dozen sweaty people running on treadmills (like me) or similar cardio contraptions.

weightsAbout a dozen more people are scattered here and there free-lifting weights.

But here is the amazing thing – while people  on the machines are restricted to doing ONLY what that particular machine is programmed to do, the weight lifters are the most original people you will ever see.

Of that dozen, only two will be lifting their weights the same way.  Usually, the two similar lifters are spotting each other.

That leaves ten people seemingly pushing the iron around in ten totally different ways.  As if each lifter has a separate guidebook – or no guidebook at all.

It’s fun to watch – discretely, of course – whilst I walk my imaginary three miles up hill.  About 400 calories a walk.

Especially the ladies.






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