In an email update, Sean Hannity writes (May 29),

. . . . . .  prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are treated better than our own veterans.

VAmessAccording to retired Navy Commander J.D. Gordon, there are about 100 doctors, nurses and healthcare providers assigned to treat 150 Gitmo prisoners. That’s a ratio of about 1.5 prisoners for every one doctor. Meanwhile, our VA healthcare system treats 9 million veterans yet we have 267,930 VA employees. That measures up to a ratio of 35 veterans for a every one VA healthcare professional.

In other words, terrorists at Gitmo have easier access to care than Americans who have risked their lives defending our freedom. It’s hard to imagine a greater injustice.

Another stunning revelation related to the VA comes from Los Angeles, California. As many as 60 bodies of veterans have sat in an L.A. morgue for over a year and a half. Just recently, 28 bodies were finally moved to the Riverside National Cemetery for a proper burial.

Who can reform this mess?




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