RedPlumAt least once a week, my mailbox gets flooded with this flyer that has a bazillion inserts.

Those ads fall out between the mailbox and my front door.

I get an extra batch because I don’t subscribe to my newspaper.

One day, I asked my postal carrier about the largest package.  He told me the income from those things keeps the United States Postal Service afloat.


I have no desire to hurt the Post Office, but I did some research to see how I could get rid of that largest mailer.

HaveYouMaybe you have the same problem.  Take a look at the largest outside flyer.  See if it contains anything like a “Have You Seen Me” banner in small print at the bottom.  If you look carefully, you will find something like a stamp that says ‘PRSRT STD US POSTAGE.”  Pre-sorted Standard US Postage.

In other words – a cheap rate for taking a huge pile of the combined fliers to the post office.  I gave up trying to figure out what that cheap rate is.

KEY QUESTION:  How many people look at those pictures of missing children?  I found a stat for 2010 – “As a result of leads generated by this program, 149 children have been safely returned to their families.”

The USPS  2010 Sustainability Report also says, “This year marked the 25th year that USPS has participated in the “Have you seen me?” program that helps locate missing children. As part of the effort, USPS delivers mailed information to Americans in six different regions in the U.S. Each flier features 25 missing children specific to that part of the country.”

25 missing children multiplied by 50 weeks multiplied by 25 years equals 31,250 lost children per region. Six regions times 31,250 is 187,500.  Of those 187,500 lost children, 149 have been returned.


Seems like slim odds to me.

Seems like a very poor return for the expense.

Ah, but it DOES support the USPS!!!!!!

If you want to lessen the load on your mail carrier, look for the name of the company distributing your particular flyer.  It will be on that same strip as the “Have you seen me” ad.

Do a search for the company, and ask to be removed from their mailing list.

Fir example, RED PLUM is the company sending out my flyers.  This is a link to its Direct Mail Subscription preference.

If we all do this, will postage stamps get more expensive?  Will fewer children be found?


But there will still be milk cartons (where the program started).



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