Miracles1One of our sons was on a road trip with his motorcycle buddies.  One of the bikes went down in front of our son, and to avoid hitting the rider, our son laid his bike down as well.  It probably saved the other rider’s life.  Our son was not so fortunate.  Among his many broken bones was his neck.

The riders were on a lonely road, and it took 3 hours (?) to get help – then even more time to get to a hospital.  It is a miracle he is alive and well, several years later.

It took a minor miracle, but our son put his Buell Motorcycle back together as well.  Piece by piece.

Our daughter waited until she was 36 to have her first baby.  When I saw her in the hospital, she was hooked up to a bunch of machines.  She had a full-time epidural.

Both our daughter and our grandson are doing fine today.  I hope you get a chance to call her and listen to the message she has recorded for missed calls – “You have reached – – –  – – -.  please leave a message.  Thank you.”  In the background you can hear that sweet baby say, “Thank you.”  I love listening to that recording.

I think it is a miracle both are running around today – and I do mean “running!”

David6Another son whips our free-handed art as if it were nothing.  He can also sing and run a computer game through its paces lickety-split.

Our personal list goes on-and-on, including healthy babies born following miscarriages.

My father-in-law recorded many miracles he witnessed before he passed away.  Over and over, he would say, “I believe in miracles,” and then he would record yet another incident where surely “something” helped save the day.  None of his miracles or dozens of miracles in our lives are up there with the parting of the Red Sea, but isn’t the birth of a baby a miracle?

Rosemary Ellen Guiley became a close friend after she tediously and patiently waded through reams of documents written about one of my ancestors.  Others had written this particular story, but Rosemary was the only one who bothered to get in touch with me BEFORE her book was published (one of 50).  As a result, she was the only one who got our story right.

RosemaryLast night (May 19) Rosemary was on COAST TO COAST AM to talk about what I call “Do It Yourself miracles.”  As this morning’s newsletter from Coast explains, Rosemary talked “about miracles and the conditions in which they occur, as well as how to develop ‘miracle mind consciousness.’ People are tired of being buffeted by circumstances beyond their control, but we can affect positive change in our lives by educating ourselves about miracles, she argued. Miracles aren’t “things that happen every now and then, at the grace of God– divine power is very much part of it, but we are participants in this ability, and we can do a lot on our end to change forces in motion,” she continued.

The newsletter goes on to say, “When we send an intention of our emotion, or heart’s desire out into the cosmos and ask for a response from the divine– that’s a key part of the manifestation of miracles, she explained. The combination of intense emotion, focused thought, and being able to project that in alignment with cosmic forces– that’s when miracles occur, she added. Miracles are defined differently by people, but are often thought of as something to marvel at, or an occurrence that is beyond natural explanation. Sometimes miracles are generated in a crisis, or as a kind of divine rescue, she reported.”

“The Bible has many examples of miracles, such as accounts of Jesus’ healing people and walking on water. “His message was that you can do this too, if you have the right faith…but for reasons that we may never understand…it didn’t take hold in the mass consciousness,” Guiley noted. A miracle mind set is aided by a daily practice of meditation or prayer, she advised, as well as contemplation of what one would like to accomplish, and a conscious awareness of thoughts that go through one’s head so that negative thinking can be turned around.”

Need a miracle?




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