Channels1My small-town (68,000) newspaper did one thing right.  Although the paper itself is nothing more than a large version of a high-school journalism paper, the weekly TV listing was very, very good.

The Saturday TV insert doesn’t really reflect the poor quality of the newspaper over-all, since it is purchased from a professional company

It wasn’t long before I canceled my subscription, then bought only the Saturday edition for 75 cents.  Many grocery stores have stacks of the Saturday edition available.

Then, the newspaper gurus must have read my mind and said, “Aha!  We see what you are up to.  We have your number!  From now on, the TV listings will appear in the Sunday edition for two bucks a copy!  Mee-ya-ha-ha!”

That leaves me hung out to dry.  I refuse to pay $2 for one newspaper I won’t read.

I am trying out the professional version of TV GUIDE – the one that has been around for over 50 years, but it is lacking.

Channels2Yes, it has tons of articles and pretty pictures, but it doesn’t have enough listings!

TV GUIDE does not carry any weekend DAYTIME LISTINGS!  In particular, I can’t find my sports listings until 6PM.  That excludes a ton of basketball and NASCAR races.

Yet, TV GUIDE is hoisted on its own petard – the last issue indicated we have “channel overload” with 189 channels sent to the average cable system.  Yet, the average viewer only watches 18 channels.  We only watch 18 channels, but TV GUIDE has listings for 85 CHANNELS in every issue!  (Click each image for a larger version.)

To make matters worse, TV GUIDE publishes a weekly listing of “America’s Most Watched Top 10 Shows.”  ALL TEN SHOWS ARE ON REGULAR BROADCAST CHANNELS, not on cable channels!!!!

Good grief!

😦 😦 😦


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