A couple of weeks ago, my primary care physician told me about the huge swelling in my ankles. “(Edema) can be caused by a medication or other causes like high sodium in the diet, incompetent valves in your veins (venous stassi), or other items like your heart or kidneys.

I read  “incompetent valves” as “leaky heart valve.” As soon as I could gather my wits about me, I headed for the E.R. I was told I had Congestive Heart Failure – CHF.

echo9may“CHF occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently, leading to fluid build up in the veins and lungs. Typical symptoms are swelling of the legs, shortness of breath on minor exertion, and fatigue.”

An echocardiogram was ordered for May 9.

In part, it reads:

The right atrium is moderate to severely dilated.
There is mild left ventricular hypertrophy (increase in the volume).
The left atrium is moderately dilated.
Mild aortic sclerosis (hardening of tissue) present.
Mild aortic valve regurgitation.
Trace tricuspid regurgitation is present.

Smiley_FaceSo, although I have troubles for a man my age.     I’ll live.










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