Sean Hannity seems to have discovered something in his latest newsletter (May 15).

money_down_toiletOutrageous Government Spending
One thing that our government does quite well is spend, and often times waste, our tax dollars. Did you hear that the federal government is on track to collect record revenues this year? Yet despite this record, we are still running a deficit of over $306 billion. This means that record high taxation can’t even pay for our giant, burdensome government. And the problem is that our government is only going to continue to grow and spend more! Either we continue to accumulate debt, which will eventually cripple us, or we raise taxes even more.
Why does our government continue to spend so much money? Perhaps it is because it comes up with endless, mindless ways to spend your hard-earned tax dollars.

Need An Example?
Some are skeptics. You need an example? How about this one? The Washington Free Beacon reportsthat the federal government has given a $1.5 million grant to a hospital in Seattle to research how “bicycle trains” and “walking school buses” can help obese children lose weight. This walking school bus idea was endorsed by Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move” initiative. A million here, a million there – these grants add up. And while some of their research may be noble, is it really the role of the government to be doling out our tax dollars for projects such as this? Forget trying to get kids to exercise, let’s talk about how much our government pays to educate our children. A new report from Terry Jeffrey finds that government schools in Washington D.C. spend over $29,000 per student per year. Yet despite this high price tag, which rivals some of the best private education costs, 83% of eighth graders cannot read proficiently and 81% are not proficient at math. In fact, compared to the rest of the country, Washington D.C. government school children rank at the very bottom in academic achievement for reading and math. Yet it ranks #1 in education spending among large cities. In other words, the government is spending a lot of money but that is not translating into results. We need to be smarter and hold government accountable, because at the end of the day it’s our tax dollars on the line.



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