MichelleObamaThe other night, I turned over a new thought in my mind.  “What about Michelle Obama as president of the United States?”

As a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative, I would not vote for her, but you know, she DOES make an attractive possibility.

First of all, the Republicans may not have the strength to compete.  (They surely don’t have two legs to stand on today, but who knows what they might come up with by 2016.)

Second of all, Michelle Obama is without question more attractive as a candidate than Hillary Clinton.  (She is also more physically attractive, if that means anything.)

Michell has 69 times LESS baggage than Hillary.  (Can you say “Benghazi?  Can you say “Bill’s enabler?”)

Third, she hasn’t done much in public office, so she hasn’t had the opportunity to make career-threatening mistakes.  (Wikipedia.)

I haven’t heard anyone else express this thought, but it is still early.

Who knows?




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