USMCatWhiteHouseOne of our sons and his wife happened to be at the White House the other day.  Our son mentioned that he saw Marines everywhere.

As a former member of the United States Marine Corps, I decided to look up the relationship between the Marines and the White House.

Wikipedia gave me the basic information: “In addition to its primary duties, the Marine Corps has missions in direct support of the White House and the State Department. The Marine Band, dubbed the “President’s Own” by Thomas Jefferson, provides music for state functions at the White House. Marines from Ceremonial Companies A & B, quartered in Marine Barracks (at the corner of 8th and I streets), Washington, D.C., guard presidential retreats, including Camp David, and the Marines of the Executive Flight Detachment of HMX-1 provide helicopter transport to the President and Vice President, with the call signs “Marine One” and “Marine Two”, respectively. By authority of the 1946 Foreign Service Act, the Marine Security Guards of the Marine Embassy Security Command provide security for American embassies, legations, and consulates at more than 140 posts worldwide.”

US_-_Presidential_Service_BadgeI also found out that President Harry Truman selected the Marine Corps as the military service to serve the president during his administration, April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953.

The website ALWAYS BROTHERS explains, “Marines serve the President of the United States, through the White House Military Office(WHMO,) in a variety of capacities. These assignments can be at Camp David, the White House, the White House Communications Agency, or details while at Marine Barracks, Washington D.C.(also known historically as “8th & I.”).  An agreement between Marine Corps Barracks, Washington, DC and the White House Communications Agency states that the barracks will supply WHCA with a platoon from the Marine Corps Security Forces to provide security for the WHCA compound and for WHCA missions overseas. The Marines are hand picked infantrymen selected for this special duty as part of Presidential Support Duty.  A detail of four Marine Non-commisioned Officers(NCOs) stand post at the West Wing of the White House. These Marines take their post the instant the President of the United States enters the West Wing.

The President’s Own” Marine Band’s mission is to perform for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Founded in 1798 by an Act of Congress, the Marine Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Today, “The President’s Own” is celebrated for its role at the White House and its dynamic public performances, which total more than 500 annually.

Semper Fi






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