One view from Utah, USA on vaccinations:


Our View: Vaccination denialism

Standard-Examiner  May 5, 2014

vaccinationsVaccination rates are declining, in Utah, and across the country. What’s alarming is that the rates have apparently declined, as well, among the children of well-educated parents. According to the Guardian newspaper, there are measles outbreaks reported on both coasts, New York and California.

In Utah, the rate of youngsters seeking exemptions from vaccinations has increased considerably. This increases the chances of illness outbreaks. Recently, locally there has been an outbreak of whooping cough.

Utah is one of only 19 states that allow children to opt out of immunization for personal reasons, along with religious or medical exemptions, which are acceptable reasons in all states. If Utah can’t get the vaccination personal exemption rates lowered, perhaps the personal exemption should be eliminated as an option.

That’s not a conclusion we prefer, but we also do not want other school children, very young children, and adults put at risk because a small number of parents are too ignorant to have their own children vaccinated.

As mentioned, ignorance is one reason parents fail to have children vaccinated. Another reason, and this may relate to better-educated parents choosing to not have kids vaccinated, is the large amount of misinformation on the Internet.

For almost 20 years, there has been a false claim — via a now-discredited study — that vaccinations increased the chance of children becoming autistic. This false claim was once peddled by the actress Jenny McCarthy, but even she had disavowed it.

There is accurate information about the health benefits of vaccinating children. At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, valuable information is at http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/. We urge parents and others to read this information and other legitimate sources, available at schools and libraries. For anyone who is considering exempting a child for a personal reason, please understand that you are hurting an innocent young life. It’s time to cease the vaccination denialism ignorance, learn the facts and vaccinate your kids.

We sincerely hope that the vaccination numbers will increase as parents get better educated.



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