Brain23April14cFor years, I have had a weird experience while playing basketball.  Right out of the Twilight Zone

The first weirdness is trying to remember which way I should be running – who is on my team?

Next, the walls of the gym look strange.  I don’t recognise which gym I am in.

Finally, the entire gym and all the players turn “mushy.”  I don’t even feel normal – like I am floating “somewhere.”

Outside of the gym, my fingers are having more and more trouble typing these blog entries.  I’ve been typing for decades, but now, weird words appear, and sometimes the keyboard goes dyslexic.

So, my primary care physician ordered a brain scan so he could decide if he would refer me to a neurologist.  “I need to know why I am making the referral,” he told me.

Brain23April14aToday, I stuck my head inside the CT Scan doughnut.  I had an IV attached so after a plain scan, a scan with contrast could be taken.

I was given a copy of the scan, and I am a bit disappointed I can’t see anything wrong.  After all, if something shows up, it can be repaired, right?

I’ll have to wait a few days while a specialist reads the scan, then sends me and my doctor a copy of the written report.

It will probably say I am good to go.

Then what?














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