In early March, I received a recall notice from GM.  It was for my 2006 Chevy Colbalt.  “There is a risk, under certain conditions, that your ignition switch may move out of the ‘run’ position, resulting in a partial loss of electrical power and turning off the engine.”

Thirteen people have died as a result of the GM mistake, which includes nine different models.

I was worried enough that I turned my car in to the nearest dealer March 13.  I did this, knowing the parts had not arrived yet, but GM spotted me a leased car until the parts did make their way through the system.

On April 14, Kevin the service manager told me I was lucky – ONE part had some how squeezed its way to my garage, and my car was ready to pick up.

When I asked Dana at the service desk for my car, she said, “Oh, it’s not ready.  The parts haven’t come yet!”  She had the most bewildered look on her face.

The “Service Advisor” handling my car – Bryan – gave me the keys anyway.  He promised to mail me the paperwork.

The paperwork never came, and I was very suspicious the part had never been exchanged.  I was 85% positive no work had been done on my car.  I couldn’t find a scratch on the steering column near the ignition – it just didn’t seem right.

I figured, the bill for the rental car was just getting out of hand, and GM had decided to call a halt to my rental – forget the recall.

Yesterday, Bryan called to say that I was subject to a second recall.  An additional part needed to be replaced.  I have NOT received a second recall letter from GM, so my suspicions increased.  I was sure  the local dealer was just covering his butt, making me come back to replace the initial part they told me had been installed April 11, but had not been installed.

I was ready to call GM and go to war.

Instead, I researched it, and sure enough, my car needed TWO parts.  Click photo for enlarged view.


So, I surrendered my car for a couple of hours, and this time, I could see the shiny new lock in my ignition.  The keys look new as well.  See FOX NEWS, April 10, 2014

Only problem, the new key fits the ignition and the doors just fine, but it will NOT fit the trunk lock!

I showed it to Bryan, and he would not believe me.  He tried some WD-40 to try to force the OLD lock with the NEW key.  Of course it wouldn’t turn.

My old key had already been destroyed, but fortunately, I have a car with an inside the cabin trunk release.  Or I would have had to bring the car back the third time.

Twice is enough.




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