ShroudI believe the Shroud of Turn is real.  I’ve even given talks to support my views.  I once made a copy on a big old sheet.

The following is from the Coast to Coast AM website for Sunday night – 13th

Dr. Andrew Silverman , an expert on the Shroud of Turin, discussed the various studies which have been done on the enigmatic holy relic. “I don’t look at the Shroud from a religious perspective,” Silverman explained, “I look at it to try to understand the evidence that is on the cloth and all the empirical studies that have been done.” He recalled how, in 1978, a group of scientists were given unprecedented access to the Shroud in an attempt to determine the origins of the image. While they expected to find a prosaic explanation for its source, Silverman noted that they determined “there’s no way that they could account for it having been manufactured.”

Studies into the cloth, itself, he said, have revealed that the image rests within only a tiny layer of the fabric and, therefore, precludes the possibility that the picture was a painting. Additionally, Silverman detailed how experiments with ultraviolet pulse lasers allowed for the creation of an image with the same general thinness of the Shroud picture. These findings, he said, are “consistent with the notion that there may have been a momentary flash of radiant energy from the body that was once wrapped in the Shroud.” If this is the means by which the image was created, Silverman pointed out that, based on the position of the body in the picture, it would have actually been levitating at the time when it occurred. Ultimately, Silverman opined that the Shroud image is neither a forgery nor a supernatural event, but rather a glimpse at the profound natural power of consciousness.




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