I was complimented the other day when I was asked to join a local singles community.  I never visited.

At 68, I’m past the age of dating.  Have been for six years or more.

Too many parts have fallen off.

A famous – but old – writer sent me a card lamenting the age difference himself and his girlfriend from Poland. They have been “together” for a few years. Originally, his family had a tough time accepting the age gap. He has sent me many cards and letters describing their fun together. “I spent Christmas in Poland and plan to go there for Easter,” he wrote. “Marlena plans to come here for a week or so in the summer – so all is not lost! If only something could be done about my age: she is 32 and I am 85. ‘Too old – far too old!’ he cried. But the trouble is I don’t feel my age.”

In the pictures he sends me, he actually does seem younger!

I wrote back the following.

“I am touched when you describe your age difference with Marlena. We have something in common. My own children used to tease me if I thought of dating a younger woman. “She has to be at least older than your youngest child,”

I remember when Babylon 5 was airing on television (1994-99), and the hero (Sheridan) was caught in an abyss between life and death. “It’s getting darker,” Sheridan says, and the light around him starts to vanish.

A mystical character (Lorien) says, “I know. You’re close, friend. Very close. It’s easy to find something worth dying for. Do you have anything worth living for?”

Lorien’s voice echoes, asking him again, “Do you have anything worth living for?”

“Delenn!” answers Sheridan.Babylon5

Lorien tells Delenn he did the best he could, but that he could only give Sheridan back a portion of his life – twenty years, barring further injury or illness. Sheridan tries to convince her that, though he’ll only be living until his early 60s, it’s a decent life span, but Delenn is taken aback, upset since she believed she would have a much longer period to spend with him. Her life span is about 140 years.

Sheridan tells Delenn it’s all right, and that he knew what he was getting into. His shortened life is the price he had to pay. Delenn, however, isn’t so sure. She feels like she is still losing him before she should. Sheridan tries to convince her that it’s a long time. Twenty more years than he would have had otherwise. Sheridan gives her a ring and tells her he wanted her to have it so that she would know that, whatever time he has left, he wants to spend with her. They proceed to LIVE HAPPILY the days they have together, however many that may be.

Their story touched my heart then, and I still remember it very fondly.

I once made a list of famous people who dated or married younger people.  It no longer has anything to do with me.

Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom when he was 49 and she was 21. They had four children.
John and Bo Derek were happily married for 25 years, despite a 30 year age difference.
James Wood and his significant other were separated by 27 years.
Tony Randall = 50 years.
Cary Grant = 35 years, and they had his only child. Larry King = 26.
Rodney Dangerfield = 31.
Donald Trump = 29.
Haley Mills = 33
Clint Eastwood had a child with a wife 35 years his junior. When asked about their age difference he replied, “If she dies, she dies.”





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