WARNING: This story may not be suitable for all readers.

BabyKillerIt has made national headlines, so you may have already heard about this.

A depraved woman a few miles south of where I lived killed six newborns, wrapped them in plastic, and stuffed them in boxes.  The six joined a stillborn infant treated the same way.

The only reason the grizzly murders were discovered is because her ex decided to clean the garage – where the babies were stacked.

Not only are the murders bizarre, but the entire concept of a serial killer escaping notice since 1996 is out of the Twilight Zone..

Didn’t the father(s) of the babies wonder where they were?

Didn’t the neighbors – or the other three living children in the home notice her pregnancies?

Didn’t the woman show signs of aberrant behavior?

This entire story is sick beyond comprehension.





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