SteveMooreBBWhen Charles Schulz died, most comic strips ran a memorial panel.  Charlie Brown and Snoopy had spun their last tale.

Of course, Snoopy has never left the building – the strip has been in re-runs since Schulz died in 2000.

For me, Steve Moore has easily filled the void.  His strip IN THE BLEACHERS seems dedicated to me.  He even uses my name on occasion – pure serendipity, I am sure!  Still, it’s fun.

When I first stumbled across IN THE BLEACHERS, I started downloading more than half of his panels.  But that would have filled my entire computer, so I am now very picky about which panels I save.

Of course, I subscribe to his feed so I won’t miss a single laugh.SteveMooreBleachers

Some years back, I wrote to Moore up in Idaho and asked if he were going to publish a collection of IN THE BLEACHERS  He thought such a book would be fun, but made no commitment.  I asked him to let me know when such a book would hit the streets.

It is obvious Moore has more than one adoring fan, so he never did write back, and I missed the publication of “The Best of In the Bleachers,” published by Warner Books in 2003.  Dang!

Still a fan after all these years, I just bought a copy of “Best,” and noticed collectors are paying up to $90 for a “good” copy!

Now that is saying something!

Hey Steve, how about signing my copy?




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