What a morning!

Right now, I am guzzling a bowl of ice cream with a banana and a can of diet Coke poured over it.

I just came back from two hours in the dentist’s chair for a root canal.  I deserve a treRootCanalat.

This same dentist claims he told me five years ago I needed a root canal because my #15 tooth was so sensitive.

Two years ago, I was in St. Lois, and a dentist there told me I might need a root canal on #15, but he would put a crown on it to try to keep it bound together.  “You still might need a root canal if this doesn’t work,” he said.  I think I paid over $1200 for the crown.

It didn’t work, so back to the chair today.  (Here is an embarrassing secret.  I had a bad case of diarrhea yesterday, so I fashioned a home-made diaper – just in case.  It wasn’t needed, but it made me feel better knowing I was “covered.”)

RoorCanal2My jaw doesn’t go numb very easily, so it took three layers of injections as he drill deeper and deeper to kill the pain.  I had bought a doggie squeak toy to let him know if it hurt, but I only squeezed it once.

The impression I was given BEFORE we got started was that he would drill a very small hole through my crown to get to my root.  I couldn’t see how that was even remotely possible, and during the operation, it felt like he was opening the grand canyon – I kid you not!

I was told I might expect to pay $730 to $800.  But then he would have to repair the hole he made in the crown.  That would probably be extra.  It was.

Two hours.  $850.




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