TChevrolet General Motors Autoshe $1 ignition recall part for my 2006 Checy Cobalt was due April 7.

It has yet to arrive.

I left my car in the repair lot almost 30 days ago.  So my dealer calls me up to say I have to renew my work order and renew my Enterprise lease because the parts won’t be in until the end of the month (or did he say “one more month?”)

For kicks, I just filled the gas tank on the leased Malibu.  $42.96!!!!  I figured if I was going to have the car for another month – – – – –


My dealer just called.  He said, “The recall needed 47,000 switches.  That was to be divided among 4,300 dealers.  Guess what, we received ONE switch  Your car is ready to go!”

So, if you will excuse me . . . . . .




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