Is turmeric a magic root?

“In the first half of Sunday’s COAST TO COAST AM show with George Noory, researcher Christian Wilde shared the latest developments in heart health, and other medical issues.”

turmericAs always, Wilde promoted “the supplement turmeric, with its anti-inflammatory properties, (which) continues to yield positive results in trial testing for warding off certain ailments and diseases such as cancer, he reported.
“Wilde recently received the ‘Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award’ from Emord & Associates 20th Anniversary Celebration Awards Committee for his Tumeric+ Enhanced Formula.”

I make a kidney stone a month, so I am quite interest to read that “Turmeric makes for an interesting supplement, but if you are prone to kidney stones you’re better off not taking it.”

Any of my readers tried this?  I’d love to read your comments.

FishDietThe next part I find very interesting:
“A study of the Japanese diet compared to other diets showed that fatty acid from fish does reduce inflammation and the formation of fatty plaque in arteries– the Japanese diet is high in fish, and in general their population has longer life spans than other countries, he noted.”

My kidney stones love to grow on pepper, and lemon peel, but I could do a fish diet.

I also paid attention to this:
“The sedentary lifestyle, and sitting for long periods of time, has been shown to be associated with higher levels of chronic disease, and he advised that people working at a desk, stand up every 20 minutes for a two minute interval.”

Aha!  I’ve got you on that one!  I get up during every commercail break on my television.  I pace around my apartment for up to FOUR minutes!

“Wilde also talked about lesser known blood tests such as Plasma Viscosity that can reveal more information about inflammation than the standard tests.”




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