resolveLike most people, I struggle with my weight.  Oh, I  have known a person here and there with such a high metabolism they stay thin.  Sigh.

Weight is important to people with diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart trouble – and lots more.

At one time or another, I have had to watch my weight for all of the above.  Double sigh.

I’m six feet tall, and active.  I play basketball or walk for an hour six days a week.  I was carrying an average of 234 pounds for a few years, then finally got down to my high school weight of 215 (My mother excused me because I am “large-boned’).

When I hit age 68, I was determined to hit my recommended weight of 185.  I made it, and kept on going.  A couple of weeks ago, I made it all the way down to 177!!!

But how do I maintain!

Two weeks ago, my doctors gave me three new medications, and I swear at least one of them makes me retain water like a . . . .  well, you know.

I gained eight pounds in two weeks!  No change in diet (which is often severe.)

So, the big question is – how does a person KEEP RESOLVE?

Seriously.  Whatever resolution you make, how do you stick to it?

This question has become a nightmare the last few days.  One neighbor brought me that chocolate cake with whipped cream.  The, another neighbor brought me two cinnamon rolls.

I admit it, I ate one of the rolls before I went on my walk toady.  But I am NOT eating the rest. (That roll made me light-headed toward the end of my walk.  More water cured that little embarrassing hangover.)

But it is so tough when so much is against my resolve.

How do YOU do it?




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