After being hit squarely in the face with a basketball a couple of times, my glasses needed adjusting.

no-quarter-flagOur weekly pick-up games are no quarter given, no quarter expected.

Saturday (April 5th) was a great day for me, and after three hours, I felt like an animal.

Most often, my assignment is to tangle with Lukas, a very strong teenager.  He could bench-press me into oblivion, so you would expect my body to be full of hurt – but not yesterday.  I made a few baskets – at least as many as whomever I played against.  Even though this 68 year-old body started the game with a bum shoulder and a painful back, afterward, I felt no pain – stronger after the game than before it. What a rush!

cataractsSo anyway, my glasses needed to be bent back into shape.  The doctor wasn’t in, so I asked the attendant a couple of questions while he was adjusting my frames.  “What about my cataracts – my vision seems to get blurry ay night, so are my cataracts getting larger?

“Heck,” he said, “my eyes get blurry too, after a few hours of video games!”

“My peripheral vision is strong,” I said.  “So I don’t know.  I’m kinda worried.”

“Cataracts appear as foggy vision straight ahead.  Kind of milky.  You are doing everything right – you wear a cap or a hat, and your UV glasses also protect your eyes.”

He made me feel a whole lot better – a whole lot.

Gimme the ball.



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