When I was very, very young, I had a crush on my cousin Kathy.  I was told I could not marry my cousin.  We were too closely related.  Later, I heard stories of how cousins get married in “the deep south,” and sometimes their children had problems.

ark_picThat scared me, so I dropped my pursuit of Kathy.

Noah had three sons and a wife.  Each son had a wife.  Eight people.

 Noah was 600 years old when he built the ark, and we might question his fertility during the last 350 years of his life.

At any rate, in order to repopulate the earth, the three sons and their wives had to get busy.

The children HAD to marry first cousins!  Or we wouldn’t be here.



AdamEveNow, let’s take that back a few generations.  All the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve HAD to couple with brothers and sisters.

The next generation HAD to couple with cousins (assuming no incest).

Maybe “God” put a special mist around these first citizens so inbreeding was just fine and dandy.  Safe as cotton candy.

But it didn’t take God long to change his mind when he saw similar activity in Sodom and Gomorrah.  That really kindled his wrath.

NO, I do not promote incest or anything like it.

Just thinking out lod.





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