pugilsticksOn November 6, 1969, a fellow-Marine pulled me out of training so I could be with my wife at the base hospital.  She was delivering our first son.

The United States Marine Corps gave me at least a couple of days to be with my new family.

Contrast my story with that of Daniel Murphy.

Sporting News reported April 3, “New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy went on paternity after his wife gave birth on opening day. While opening day is held in high regard among baseball aficionados, it really is nothing more than the first of 162 games. But Murphy’s decision to leave the team in order to be with his wife and child has drawn the ire of New York sports radio bigwigs Mike Francesa and Boomer Esiason.”

dan-murphy-swingEsiason really lowered the boom – “Esiason stated that he would have made his wife get a C-Section before the season began in order for him to not miss any game time.”

Are you kidding me!  How rude, and nasty can you get!

FOX NEWS point out “According to a 2011 collective-bargaining agreement, Murphy was allowed between one and three days off for paternity leave, and took the max, which included missing opening day, but was back for Thursday’s game.”

Murphy was not breaking any rules.  “In New York, male and female workers are entitled to request up to 12 weeks off, unpaid, per year to care of a newborn child, according to the state’s attorney general, which is what federal law mandates.”

C’mon people.  The Marines gave me a break, how about doing the same for Murphy.

Semper Fi.




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