Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart_1Our six children woke up every Monday through Thursday to classical music.  On Friday it was comedy records.  After a day off on Saturday, Sunday’s wake-up music was hymns.

We tried our darndest to have a piano around, regardless of changing income.

Did all that music make a difference to the children?

That is a hard question to ask a prejudiced parent.  Of course you expect me to answer “YES!”  Trying to be as objective as I can be, I still have to give a strong affirmative to the question.  I am deeply convinced early music makes a difference.

All our children love music.  Most have played at least one instrument growing up.  Our grandchildren are also being tuned in to music.

You can’t convince me that early music doesn’t have an impact.

A guest on COAST TO COAST AM last night talked about the influence of music early in life.

“In the first half of Wednesday’s show, brain researcher Neil Slade discussed different aspects about how the mind interacts with music. The fine hairs in the cochlea part of the inner ear sends electrical signals to the brain stem, which travels to the temporal lobe and other structures, where it’s recognized as music or sound. The way music is processed in the human brain is very complex, and is even connected to sight, Slade detailed.”  Sounds great.  So far.

“The Mozart Effect– the idea that listening to classical music by a pregnant mother will increase the intelligence of her child is somewhat of an urban myth, he reported.”  Urban myth!  Indeed.

“Yet, studies have found that 10-year-old children who learned to play a musical instrument such as the violin showed improvements in visual and spacial skills, as well as math, he added.”  Much more better.

Music matters.



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