CreditReportAround June of 2012, I was shopping around for the best bank, including lines of credit.

CSC Credit Services sent me a letter explaining my Credit Score had dropped to 764..

About November of 2012, I applied for s housing loan. I changed my mind, and the purchase was canceled.

Experian dropped my Credit Score to 757.

Earlier this month (March 2014) I casually asked my bank (USBank) how much I could afford if I bought a car.  I didn’t present any actual car information or dummy sales document.

Experian has dropped my Credit Score to 752.

From over 764 to 752.  A drop of 12 points and no actual debt was undertaken – just inquiries!

I lost five points for asking how big a car I can afford!

In other words, my friends, be VERY careful about your credit inquiries.  Even a casual sentence can set off the Credit Score “munchies.”

I don’t dare trying to appeal – who knows how many points I would lose!

Instead, I will just keep paying my debts on time  – higher payments than scheduled – and wait a couple of years.  No, I will never ask what my Credit Score is ever again – JUST ASKING will  ding more points!

I COULD open a new credit account – buy the car – and keep those payments current.  That will improve my Credit Score as well.  The more credit, the merrier.

Fat chance!




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