By accident, I discovered a terrific computer application I just love.

I did not tell my VISTA laptop to do this.  One day, I opened a new tab in my IE browser, and BAM, there it was, a page showing ten thumbnails of my most popular web sites!


(Click the image, and you should get a larger version.)

I made it my home page – one of the thumbnails shows my former home page, so I haven’t lost anything!

I went to my Windows 7 laptop, and with a little research found out how to add that application.  Now both computers open to this wonderful page.

When I need this page again while working, I just open a new tab, and ‘Voila!’ there are my ten thumbnails!

I have no idea if this works with Chrome of Firefox, but during my research I did find links that looked like others have had trouble with these browsers.

But I hate Chrome, and seldom use Firefox, so I am dumb and happy!

Here is how you can change to the 10 thumbnail browser page.

Internet options
“To create home page tabs, type each address on its own line”
In the large white box, you will see your current home page typed in – something like http://www.myhomepage.com
Highlight and delete that information
Type in
Click Apply
Click OK
Close browser
Open browser.  It should have 10 thumbnails showing your most visited web sites.
If you see a thumbnail that is no longer relevant, run your cursor over it and in the upper right hand corner you will see an X.  Click the X and the thumbnail will disappear.  A new thumbnail will be added at the end of your second row.





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